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Software Routins

Written Softwares:

  • Scaffold & Tissue Charactrization
  • Nonwoven Charactrization
  • Sample for Back Propagation Neural Networks
  • Sample for Genetic Algorithm
  • Color morphology detection
  • Knitted Fabric Charactrization
  • Yarn Grading
  • Winding Patterns
  • Gray Indexing of Fabric Color
  • Detection of Pick Spacing in Wovens
  • Fibrous Materials Surface Charactrization
  • Image Aqusition and Video Input
  • Fibers Cross Sectional Charactrization
  • Transform Equations-Crank Nicolson
  • Blending Optimization
  • Signal Input
  • Signal Processing for SEM
  • Signal Processing for Fabric Sound
  • Dry Spinning Fiber Prodiction Optimization
  • Topology Modeling of Garments
  • Structural Modeling of Fibers Assemplies
  • 3D Modeling of Fibrous Materials
  • Knitted CAM Automation
  • Flat Knitting Machine Automation
  • Ring Spinning Machine Automation
  • Fuzzy Automation of Mayer & Cie Full Jacuard Machine
  • Automatin Fault Detection for Fabric Assessment
  • Morghology Design of Blood Vessels
  • Structural Modeling and Optimization of Nanofibers Assemblies
  • Measuring The Nanofibers Scaffolds Porosity
  • Modeling of Cell Infiltration into Nanofibers Scaffolds
  • General Geometrical Modeling Package
  • General ANN Package
  • General GA/ANN Package
  • Carpet Design Package
  • Jursed Fabric Pattern Design
  • Quality Control General Package

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